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HIMYM Trivia Champs and a ton of weekend stuff

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Thanks for coming last night. Congrats to our 1st and 2nd place teams. Great time at our first ever How I Met Your Mother Trivia Night. We don’t have a date for our next trivia night due to a lot of upcoming travel. But it will most likely be some time in May. And due to popular request, the theme will be The Office. Stay tuned.

Next weekend is Green Eggs and Hammered around the North Station area. More info on that can be found here.

And our Pirate Crawl / Booze Cruise will be here on June 3rd. I know we still have a way to go but we have very limited spots (it’s a boat) and this WILL 100% sell out before June. More details on that here.

Lots happening this weekend. Have a fun one.

PAX East

Brunches of Boston Brunch For A Cause St. Paddy’s Brunch Party! at Blackmoor Bar and Kitchen

Saturday Morning Cartoons! at Thalia in Central Square

Bourbon and Bacon Fest

Boston Beer and Cheese Fest

Cambridge 5K – Craicfest (2017)

Comic Con Vixens: Nerdy Burlesque

New England Dessert Showcase

Zumba at Dorchester Brewing Co

Cheers to Five Years: A Night Shift Anniversary

Pirate Crawl 2017

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What happens when you mix a Bar Crawl, a Party Cruise and Pirates?

You get the Crawl In Boston Pirate Crawl…YEAR 9!!!!!!!

On Saturday June 3rd, we’ll be bringing you the 9th edition of the finest themed bar crawls that Boston has to offer. It’s time to kick off the summer with the return of the Pirate Crawl. We are so excited.

One of the stops will take us onto a boat for a scenic trip of the Boston Harbor.

Big news. This year our boat will not be out of the Seaport but instead closer to the Faneuil Hall bars. That said…it’s a smaller boat. So tickets will be VERY, VERY limited. We will have 50% less than usual.

After the party cruise, we’ll be navigating around Boston to the best bars the city has to offer.

Still not sure? A picture tells a thousand words and we’ve got hundreds of those.

2016 Pirate Crawl Picturesmassachusettsbaylinesfreedom

2015 Pirate Crawl Pictures

2014 Pirate Crawl Pictures

2013 Pirate Crawl Pictures

2012 Pirate Crawl Pictures

2011 Pirate Crawl Pictures

2010 Pirate Crawl Pictures

2009 Pirate Crawl Pictures

So get your Pirate outfit together and come join us as we Crawl In Boston.

Or if you can’t think of an outfit, we have shirts available on Threadless

Limited Tickets Available between $25.00 – $30.00. The price will increase as the event gets closer and tickets get low.

The registration bar will be e-mailed to ticketed customers the week of the event.  The full schedule is released at time of registration. 5 – 7 bars will be included on the event. We don’t release the bar schedule ahead of time as people used to post our schedule online and we got lots of party crashers which made the bars way over capacity.

Tickets Includeimg_3413

Admission onto 90 minute Boat Cruise

Pirate Flag


Temporary Pirate Tattoos

Photo Booth

No cover charges at any participating bars

Tickets are Will Call meaning your name will be on our Guest List at the door. You can pick up your tickets at one of the scheduled bars beforehand or at the dock.

Tickets include admission onto the ship but there will be cash bar. Tickets are non-refundable and non-exchangeable unless the cruise is canceled.

Registration bars will be e-mailed to ticketed customers the week of the event. Always visit crawlinboston.com for the most up to date information.

You will receive the entire schedule when you register in person at the event. We will have 5 – 7 total bars participating. Tickets include admission onto the ship but there will be cash bar. Tickets are non-refundable unless the cruise is canceled.All the bars will be in the Faneuil Hall and Financial District areas. We will let you know your registration bar before the event, and you’ll receive the full schedule when you check in. We want to keep this event as exclusive as possible for your own comfort. Please note, the bars have the right to refuse entry to anyone due to bar capacity or personal incapacity.

Please, please, please don’t wait to join this incredible event. Cheers! -C.I.B

The One with the Sold Out Trivia Night

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sold out friends copy

No April Fools Day joke with this one. Our Friends Trivia night has officially sold out. Very much looking forward to seeing you next month.

The 90’s Crawl Tickets on May 7th are going very quickly. We’re adding around 75 extra but we still anticipate selling out before the month is over.

The peoples champion Pirate Crawl / Booze cruise is back in June. Tickets are available now.

Sectumsembra, Harry Potter Trivia Champs

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Big congrats to Sectumsempra for their victory last night. Only 1 point separated them and our 2nd place Muggles and Molecules team.

Last night we discovered that our April 26th session had sold out. Upon further review, it was a software error. We have 4 team slots still available. This will be our final Harry Potter Trivia Night for awhile. Although we are currently working on a Friends themed trivia night. Stay tuned.

9 days to go until the Lucky Leprechaun Lap! Get your tickets soon as they’re getting scarce.

The Pirate Crawl / Booze cruise tickets in June are available now.

A few teams asked us about their team score from last night. Please see below.

Team Name Total
Sectumsempra 142
Muggles and Molecules 141
Snitch better have my money 138
Thrill Seekers 129
I’d Get Sleazy for Ron Weasley 128
Dirty Little Horcrux 127
Granger Danger 121
Neville gonna give you up, Neville gonna let you down 121
Aberforth’s Goats 116
Mo Muggles Mo Problems 111
The Marauders 105
Snitches get Stitches 95
Avada KeDivas 90
They Who Must Not Be Named 84.5
Alas, Earwax 72
Team Edward Cullen 50
You’re a Quizzard Harry 39

Pirate Crawl Pictures

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Thanks for coming yesterday! Another wicked awesome time. Pictures are ready. IMG_9682

Pictures can be found here

Or if you’re a fan of tagging they’re on Facebook

Up next is Red, White and Brew on July 11th. More details on that here.

And Neon Crawl tickets are now on sale. Early bird tickets are only $13!

Margarita Monday – Blueberry Vanilla

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Margarita Monday continues with Blueberry Vanilla. blueberry vanilla

Pretty simple again: blueberries, tequila, vanilla extract and ice

Previously we made strawberry sriracha, chocolate and peanut butter versions. Last year we featured kiwi, chocolate and avocado.

Drinko de Mayo returns this Saturday.

Pictures from last year are available here

And check out our Pinterest page for inspiration

The Pirate Crawl (way ahead of pace from our biggest ever of last year) and Red, White & Brew are up next.

Wild West Pictures

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Thanks for coming yesterday! We had a wicked awesome time. Pictures are ready. Over 325!IMG_8993

Pictures can be found here

Or if you’re a fan of tagging they’re on Facebook

Our next event will be May 2nd. Drinko de Mayo is back. We almost promise that it won’t snow. Just a few early bird ($12) tickets left.

The Pirate Crawl is on June 6th. Tickets for that are now on sale. This year everyone gets a flag!