Sectumsembra, Harry Potter Trivia Champs

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Big congrats to Sectumsempra for their victory last night. Only 1 point separated them and our 2nd place Muggles and Molecules team.

Last night we discovered that our April 26th session had sold out. Upon further review, it was a software error. We have 4 team slots still available. This will be our final Harry Potter Trivia Night for awhile. Although we are currently working on a Friends themed trivia night. Stay tuned.

9 days to go until the Lucky Leprechaun Lap! Get your tickets soon as they’re getting scarce.

The Pirate Crawl / Booze cruise tickets in June are available now.

A few teams asked us about their team score from last night. Please see below.

Team Name Total
Sectumsempra 142
Muggles and Molecules 141
Snitch better have my money 138
Thrill Seekers 129
I’d Get Sleazy for Ron Weasley 128
Dirty Little Horcrux 127
Granger Danger 121
Neville gonna give you up, Neville gonna let you down 121
Aberforth’s Goats 116
Mo Muggles Mo Problems 111
The Marauders 105
Snitches get Stitches 95
Avada KeDivas 90
They Who Must Not Be Named 84.5
Alas, Earwax 72
Team Edward Cullen 50
You’re a Quizzard Harry 39

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