10 days to go until Halloween Crawl and 12 Bars of X-Mas news

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cropped-img_8188.jpgWe’re only 10 short days until the return of the Halloween Crawl. We expect to run out of regular tickets on Friday or Saturday. Please get yours soon. We’ve already ordered everything for your grab bags so once our tickets are gone, we won’t have any more.

The selfie sticks just arrived this morning.


Registration also includes a beverage mitt, koozie, candy and more


See you soon!

And if you can’t make our crawl during the day, our friends at S3 Boston are hosting a party that includes drinks. More details here.

And we’re working on the details for the 12 Bars of X-Mas scheduled for December 2nd. We hope to have registration available within the week. We just got a first look at the hats that will be included.

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