Lucky Leprechaun Lap is Today

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gbWFGood Morning

Looking forward to seeing you in a few hours for our first ever Lucky Leprechaun Lap

A few last minute notes

  1. Registration is at Kinsale from Noon – 1:45 and Blackstone from 2:00 – 3:00
  2. Picture booth will be 1:00 – 1:30 at Paddy O’s. The Limbo contest will be at Warehouse at 5:15.
  3. We’re all out of tickets, there won’t be any day of sales.
  4. Word of warning: there are  3 other St. Patrick themed crawls in the Faneuil area today. We’ve seen their schedules and worked with our bar managers to avoid a conflict as much as possible. That said, these crawls use an open schedule so it’s hard to predict which bars they will be at. We anticipate a smooth day but if you find a super long line we advise to skip to the next bar on the schedule and come back later.
  5. Have an awesome time and take plenty of pictures!  Please drink responsibly and utilize public transportation.

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