We’ve got Bolo Ties

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bolo tie

Loving our Crawl In Boston Bolo Tie. I’ve never worn one before but very much looking forward to rocking this thing.

We’re getting closer. Almost 2 weeks to go until the Wild West Crawl.   The Wild West Crawl is on March 28th. At the current pace regular tickets should last through the weekend. I expect the last batch tickets to go on sale on Monday or Tuesday.

We hired a line dance instructor who will be having an hour long class.

And still working on one last surprise for you (just hoping the shipping works out)

Upcoming stuff

Our friends at S3 Boston are throwing a St. Patrick’s themed crawl, Green Eggs and Hammered this weekend. Online tickets are gone but limited will be available on first come, first serve basis. Please check out those details here.

The parade is back on Sunday. Do yourself a favor and take Monday off of work now.

The Pirate Crawl is on June 6th. Tickets for that are now on sale.

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