Koozies have arrived. Regular tickets sold out.

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It was a very good weekend. We’re onto Seattle! Looking forward to the return to the Super Bowl. I only wish it was this upcoming weekend. Quicker than expected. We’re down to our last batch tickets for Valentine Gras. Under 20 regular tickets for Valentine Gras remain. At the current rate we expect those to run out air cupid koozieslate tomorrow or early Thursday. After that we’ll have a slight price bump with our Last Batch tickets. We’ve had to trim our total tickets as there are at least 2 other crawls that day and we had some conflicts getting dedicated bar time. Don’t fret, we’ll still have 9 or 10 total bars participating. The Barmobile is coming. Anxious to see how that works out. I’ve always been a fan of the Beer Bike but can also see the dangers of this on Boston streets. The ALS Therapy Development Institute is hosting The Get A Clue: Boston Bar Crawl on January 31st. It is unlike any other bar crawl in the area. This crawl is loosely based on the hit tv show, “The Amazing Race”. Teams of 5 will race through Boston bars, with clues and challenges along the way. The ultimate goal, winning a fantastic prize and bragging rights!

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