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I was contacted this week by a long time crawler who asked why we didn’t do the limbo contest anymore. Upon further research I concluded it had been years since we last had one. So I just went on Amazon and ordered a set. Delivery comes tomorrow. We’ll be having a limbo contest at The Place on Saturday. We don’t have any prizes but it’s really about bragging rights.

We can’t wait to see you on Saturday for the return of the 12 Bars of X-Mas. Our guest list is locked. No more ticket sales, waitlists or transfers. This is the group that we’re rolling with!

We have a few points of order to help make the day go as smoothly as possible:

Registration opens at 12:00 sharp and ends at 3:00.xmashat

You will need to bring either a printed Eventbrite ticket or show the app on your phone. If you don’t have a paper ticket or the phone app, you can use your ID to pick up your ticket. Please be ready when you get to the top of the line. We’ll be checking in hundreds of you and nobody wants to be stuck behind the person who doesn’t have any of their stuff ready.

Registration will be by last name by ticket buyer:

A – K  – Grand Canal – 57 Canal Street

L – Z – Kinsale – 2 Center Plaza

AT THIS POINT WE ARE NOT MAKING ANY MORE CHANGES TO THE GUEST LIST. OUR GIFT BAGS HAVE BEEN SPLIT UP AND SENT TO THE BARS ALREADY.We realize that you may be separated from friends at the beginning but we’ve found this is the quickest way to get everyone registered. Once we have you signed in you’ll get your full schedule and you can meet your friends at any of our scheduled bars.

Bar schedule:

You will receive the entire schedule when you register. We have 12 bars total. All the bars will be in the Faneuil Hall and Financial District areas. We are not releasing the schedule prior to the crawl, as we want to keep this event as exclusive as possible for your own comfort. Please note, the bars have the right to refuse entry to anyone due to bar capacity or personal incapacity. Also, you will need to show a valid license or ID to gain entry to each of the bars.

ALL 12:

Visiting each of the 12 Bars of X-Mas is no easy task. We are very impressed to the group of you who are able to complete that mission every year. all 12 2 copy

So we’ve decided that you should be rewarded. Everyone that visits each of the 12 Bars of X-Mas will be getting a bonus t-shirt to commemorate this journey.


1. Visit each one of the bars during their scheduled times.

2. Take a picture wearing your 12 Bars of X-Mas hat or with your koozie, with some sort of indication of the bar in the picture.  It can be the sign outside the bar, a sign inside the bar, the menu…so long as we can tell which bar you’re at.

3. Post each picture to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with the tags #crawlinboston, #12barsofxmas and #all12

4. Send us an e-mail to info@crawlinboston.com

If everything checks out we’ll contact you for your mailing info and shirt size. We’ll be accepting your photos until December 13th.


I know that bringing your card might be easy. But when tons of people are trying to order drinks, it takes a lot more time to open and close a tab than to pay with cash. Plus you’d be surprised about how many people forget to close their tabs at the end of the night and leave for home without their credit cards. There are multiple ATMs around Faneuil Hall…check one out!

Remember to drink responsibly and use public transportation.  Don’t drink and drive!

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See you Saturday!

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