Wristband Only Tickets Left

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4We have the best crawlers ever. Santa, Rudolph and now Grinch tickets are long gone. It’s only been a day since the Grinch sold out and our Wristband Only supply has already been cut in half.

We wish we had unlimited tickets but to make the experience comfortable for you we do have a limit. There’s only so much space in the bars. And we don’t want you waiting in line all day.

Here are some ideas for inspiration on our 12 Bars of X-Mas Pinterest page. And check us out on Boston Metro.

Here are just some pictures from the past couple of years of this fantastic event.

2010 , 2011 and 2012 Pictures from Crawl In Boston

50We are truly humbled and proud to be one of this winter’s 50 on Fire finalists in the Arts & Entertainment category by BostInno. There were over 2,000 nominations total and the competition has been fierce. Special thanks to all our crawlers that make our events possible. You keep coming, we’ll keep organizing them.

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See you soon!

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