Registration Info for Pirate Crawl this Saturday

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Ahoy me hearties!

Pirate Crawl / Party Cruise tickets here. Under 20 total tickets remain. pirate koozie

The Pirate Pub Crawl and Party Cruise is Saturday (June 8th)!We hope you are ready to raise the Jolly Roger and have a swashbucklin’ good time!

Here are some questions that we have been receiving and some general info to prepare you for the crawl/cruise:

How do I get my wristband(s)?

There will be a will call at Kitty O’Shea’s (131 State St.) from 12:00 – 1:30. There will also be a will call set up at the harbor (200 Seaport) starting at 1:00 pm.

In order to receive a wristband, you need a government issued id (driver’s license or passport) – without a government id, you cannot receive your ticket!If you purchased more than one ticket, your id will get you the number of tickets that you ordered.If you purchased a ticket for someone else, and you will not be in attendance, please let us know so we can switch the names in our system. ALSO PLEASE NOTE: IF YOU HAVE AN OUT OF STATE ID, BRING BACK UP IDENTIFICATION TO BOARD THE BOAT (credit card in your name, etc). This is the cruise company’s policy and they are very strict on whom they allow on board. We have no say on this issue.

Why do I need a wristband?

The wristband will get you on the boat for the party cruise. Additionally access to the bars along with a Pirate Crawl koozie and temporary tattoos.

Will the Crawl and Cruise happen rain or shine?

The crawl will happen rain or shine.As long as it is safe to be on the water, regardless of the weather, the cruise will also take place.The boat also has covered and enclosed decks, so you will be able to stay dry on the boat.In the unlikely event that the cruise is canceled, you will receive a refund.

What is the schedule?And what are the drink specials at each bar?

You will receive the full schedule and drink specials once you get your wristband. We have 7 bars along with the cruise. Each bar will have a $3 or less special except during the cruise.

The cruise will take place from 2:00 – 3:30 GO TO THE HARBOR FOR BOARDING EARLY – No shenanigans, no tomfoolery, no ballyhoo – You must be on the boat by 2!!!! You will receive a map upon getting your wristband, or you can follow your fellow pirates, or even take a cab or pedicab if you’re feeling lazy.

Any changes to the schedule will be posted both on the Facebook page and on

Please support the official bars along the crawl and do not wander off to other bars! Not only is it fun to crawl together, but some bars near the boat have actually told us they don’t want to be a part of the crawl. We want to respect their wishes while also keeping our thirsty business with those who actually want it! Trust us, we wish we could enjoy the bars in the Seaport as well.

Should I wear a costume?

Absolutely.What fun is a PIRATE crawl if you aren’t dressed as a PIRATE? That being said, you can go as big or as small as you want.

Where do I go for updates on the Pirate Pub Crawl and Booze Cruise?

You can always stay on top of things at or on our Facebook page (Crawl in Boston). You can email if you have any questions.

We will notify you via email (of all ticketed participants) of any major changes to the information above.

See you Saturday!


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