Old School Crawling

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Busy season has passed. Between the Halloween Crawl through the Irish Pub Challenge, we annually get 1,000+ people at each of our events. We vslove it. However I’m pretty excited about our first “intimate” crawl of 2013 (if 300 people can be considered intimate). The big crawls are awesome. However I enjoy the old school niche crawls as well. I’m looking forward to having one bar per time slot and everyone traveling at the same time. Easier for us to manage ticketing and making sure our crawlers have exclusive access to the bars. Plus we’ll have much more time to chat with you all as well. Your feedback keeps this thing going.

Looking forward to seeing our hardcore crawlers in a few weeks. Price changes on April 1st so save your cash and buy now. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Bar Crawl is on April 20th so already under a month to go.

We’re looking forward to seeing you there. Some of you have already shared some of your costumes and we’re more than impressed. And we’ve also set up a Pinterest Page for inspiration.

Also…we still have a couple spots open for our Bocce In Boston Spring League which begins next month.

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