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Super Hero / Villain Crawl Update

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Hello Crawlers!

The Super Hero / Villain Crawl is TODAY. I hope you’ve found your perfect costume and are raring to crawl with us. I just have a few reminders/orders of business to ensure everything goes smoothly and everyone has a fantastic time.

1.) Super themed attire isn’t required but are highly encouraged.

2.) You don’t need to show up to the first bar to join the crawl. We may run out of koozies but you’re welcome to join at any point during the event.

3.) PLEASE come with the exact amount that you would like to give for your donation. We know it may be a pain, but it really keeps things moving if we don’t have to find/make change.  And if we don’t have change, you’ll have to break your $20 yourself and come back through the line. If you haven’t, take a minute to look at the website for our charity: Cradles to Crayons. It’s a great organization. As always, we thank our Crawlers for their extreme generosity!

4.) For updates check out Twitter or Facebook. We’ll be updating all day to let you know where we’re at.

5.) I’m going to say it again. PLEASE come with the exact amount you’d like to donate.

6.) Have fun, stay safe and be ready to make new friends.

In other news, Pirate Crawl tickets are now on sale. This will sell out. Get your tickets today.

Thanks, and hope to see you soon. Cheers!


Super Hero Koozies

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The Koozies have arrived for the Super Hero/Villain Bar Crawl on April 7th

RSVP here via facebook

Schedule updates can be found here

Pirate Crawl tickets now available for June 9th event.

Super Hero Crawl – 4/7

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The people have spoken. We’re getting ready for our 2nd People’s Choice Crawl.

Every year we get dozens of suggestions for bar crawl themes. However, there just isn’t enough time for us to plan for them all. So for the 2nd time, we left it up to you. We set up our poll and the results were in favor of a Super Hero Crawl.

Super Hero Crawl – 48%

90′s Crawl – 42%

Easter Crawl – 9%

Circus Crawl – 2%

We’ll be supporting the Cradles to Crayons charity.

Per usual, each bar will providing a $3 (or less) drink.
Here’s some good information to know:

Who is Crawl in Boston?

Crawl in Boston is a social networking group that gives professionals a chance to meet new people in a casual and fun atmosphere. People of all ages have gathered to join the bar crawls, and we’ve raised money  for local charities. We also spread the word about other similar events we’ve heard about, as well as new places and bar/restaurant specials. We’re bringing people together, one drink at a time for local charities

What is Cradles to Crayons?

Founded in 2002, Cradles to Crayons (C2C) is an innovative nonprofit that provides, free of charge, disadvantaged children with the essential items that all kids need in order to flourish. When you donate to Cradles to Crayons, you know that you are helping the children in your community who need it most.

What does this event cost?

We are asking for $5.00 to attend. Please keep in mind that proceeds of your donation supports Cradles to Crayons. Everyone who donates will be receiving:

*Crawl in Boston Nametag

*Crawl in Boston Beverage Koozie

*Crawl in Boston Wristband – To guarantee drink specials and no covers

Crawl in Boston wants to provide you with as much fun as possible for as little as possible! – Crawlers are responsible for their own drinks.

Pictures from some of our past events can be found here

How Do I Sign Up?

We don’t have official registration. We only ask you RSVP on the Facebook event ASAP. This gives us a better idea on how many people are coming. We can better arrange our schedule so the bars have enough staff to accommodate you all. Also helps let us know how many koozies to order.

What to wear?

Super Hero or Super Villain costume

What’s the schedule? TBA. Keep checking!


Schedule Updates Here