12 Bars of Christmas

Halloween Crawl -SOLD OUT!

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We have now sold out for the Halloween Crawl 2012. 2 weeks to go and we are deeply honored that 1,000 of you have decided to celebrate with us again.

Tickets for the 12 Bars of X-Mas are now available.  

We expect this will also sell out, so please don’t wait! Same fun, new prizes. 

Cheers ! C.I.B.

12 Bars of X-Mas Update

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Hello Crawlers!

The 12 Bars of X-Mas is TODAY. I hope you’ve found your ugly holiday sweater or Santa Suit and are raring to deck the halls. I just have a few reminders/orders of business to ensure everything goes smoothly and everyone has a fantastic time.

1.) Holiday outfits aren’t required but highly encouraged. You can see some pictures from 2009 here.

2.) You don’t need to show up to the first bar to join the crawl. We may run out of koozies (limited to 400), but you’re welcome to join at any point during the event. We’ll have staff at all the scheduled bars as capacity allows.

3.) PLEASE come with the exact amount that you would like to give for your donation. We know it may be a pain, but it really keeps things moving if we don’t have to find/make change. If you haven’t, take a minute to look at the website for our charity, Horizons for Homeless Children. 100% of your donation goes to them, and it’s a great organization. As always, we thank our Crawlers for their extreme generosity!

4.) Thanks to our many many dedicated crawlers, the turnouts have been huge.  If we get another big turnout like we did for Halloween and the scheduled bar fills up, you can skip around the schedule.  For instance, Trinity is on the schedule at 4:00, but will be ready to welcome crawlers at 3:00, etc.   The bars know we’re coming and should be prepared.  We just want to remind everyone to have a good time and be kind to the bar staff and your fellow crawlers.  We don’t want anyone getting on Santa’s naughty list!  If you don’t get a chance to see us, you can always go to Horizon for Homeless Children’s website and make a donation there.

5.) For updates check out Twitter or Facebook. We’ll be updating all day to let you know where we’re at.

The SCHEDULE is here (as mentioned earlier, feel free to freelance and skip around as many bars may reach capacity early, you can always go back later)

Thanks, and hope to see you on Saturday. Cheers!

12 Bars of Christmas – 12/4/10

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Please join Crawl in Boston to tour the Faneuil Hall area. We’re excited to once again bringing you the 12 Bars of Christmas. Once again we’ll be supporting the Horizons for Homeless Children Charity

Each bar providing a $3 (or less) specialty themed Holiday based drink.

Who is Crawl in Boston?

Crawl in Boston is a social networking group that gives professionals a chance to meet new people in a casual and fun atmosphere. People of all ages have gathered to join the bar crawls, and we’ve raised money and goods for local charities. We also spread the word about other similar events we’ve heard about, as well as new places and bar/restaurant specials. We’re bringing people together, one drink at a time for local charities.

Who are Horizons for Homeless Children?

They help children learn how to play, to share, to read, and to enjoy exploring their worlds. They help parents learn how to be nurturing and involved in the growth and development of their children, and help them learn and grow through job training, GED and college courses. They help to stabilize families so that they can weather any crisis, and thus help to break the cycle of homelessness that too often occurs.

What does this event cost?

We are asking for $5.00 to attend. Please keep in mind that proceeds of your donation will go towards the Horizons for Homeless Children charity. However everyone who donates will also be receiving:

*Crawl in Boston Nametag

*Crawl in Boston Beverage Koozie

*Crawl in Boston Bar Map

*Crawl in Boston Stamp – To guarantee drink specials and no covers

Crawl in Boston wants to provide you with as much fun as possible for as little as possible! – Crawlers are responsible for their own drinks.

Pictures from some of our past events can be found here

How Do I Sign Up?

We ask you RSVP on the Facebook event ASAP. This gives us a better idea on how many people are coming. We can better arrange our schedule so the bars have enough staff to accommodate you all. Also helps let us know how many koozies to order.

What’s the schedule?

The schedule will be released as the event gets closer. Keep checking!

You don’t have to arrive at the 1st bar. Feel free to come and go as you please.

12 Bars of Christmas Update

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Hey Crawlers,

We are just days away from the 4th Annual 12 Bars of Christmas presented by Crawl In Boston. Back on December 17th 2005, a few dozen of us joined at the Greatest Bar to kickoff the initial gathering. Among the guests were two acquaintances that met and I’m proud to say this past August I attended their wedding. We’re looking forward to some more great memories this weekend.

We have 400 koozies and plenty of nametags. We’ll have stations set up at each bar where you can get your goodies and make your optional $5 (or more!) donation to the Horizons for Homeless Children Charity. Your donations mean so much especially during the holiday season. We will have very limited change available so please have the exact number of money you want to donate available.

There’s been a lot of interest in this event. In the past week alone, we’ve received many mentions in the press including the Boston Herald, Stuff Magazine and Lola. At last look, we’re over 750 confirmed and 900 maybe. Obviously there’s no bar in Boston that can accommodate that number of people at the same time. All the bars have been notified and will be staffed accordingly all day. However, please think of the released schedule as an outline. The Crawl In Boston team is going to stay on it as best as possible for nametags and koozies but we may not be able to get into some places at the correct time due to capacity issues. But as long as everyone keeps their holiday spirit, we’ll all have an amazing time.

Looking forward to seeing you and your awesome holiday outfits

Click here for the official schedule

Cheers! -C.I.B.

12 Bars of X-Mas – Today

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The day has finally arrived. Looking forward to seeing you at The Times at 3:00.

12 Bars of Christmas – 12/13/2008

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Boston Magazine – “Go To Guide” Recommendation

Boston.Com – “Free for All” Recommendation

Boston Event Guide – Recommendation

The 12 Bars of Christmas 2008

On the 1st day of Christmas, my true love sent to me
A frosty beer just for me.
3:00 – The Times – 112 Broad Street

On the 2nd day of Christmas, my true love sent to me
Two friends a-laughing.
3:30 – JA Stats – 99 Broad Street

On the 3rd day of Christmas, my true love sent to me
Three stout ales.
4:00 – The Place – 2 Broad Street

On the 4tht day of Christmas, my true love sent to me
Four full glasses.
4:30 – Kitty O’Shea’s – 131 State Street

On the 5th day of Christmas, my true love sent to me
Fiiiiive Jaaaaaager shots.
5:00 – McFadden’s – 148 State Street

On the 6th day of Christmas, my true love sent to me
Six straws a sipping.
5:30 – Hong Kong – 65 Chatham Street

On the 7th day of Christmas, my true love sent to me
Seven drinks a-spilling.
6:00 – Clarke’s – 21 Merchant’s Row

On the 8th day of Christmas, my true love sent to me
Eight drunks a-singing.
6:30 – Purple Shamrock – 1 Union Street

On the 9th day of Christmas, my true love sent to me
Nine dudes a-stumbling.
7:00 – The Tap – 19 Union Street

On the 10th day of Christmas, my true love sent to me
Ten shots a-downing.
7:30 – Hennessey’s – 25 Union Street

On the 11th day of Christmas, my true love sent to me
Eleven pints guzzling.
8:00 – Paddy O’s – 33 Union Street

On the 12th day of Christmas, my true love sent to me
Twelve bars of crawling.
8:30 – The Point – 147 Hanover Street

Charity Update

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Happy December! Just wanted to give a quick update on the upcoming 12 Bars of Christmas.

Per usual, we will also be collecting donations of food/personal items for Horizons for Homeless Children. (At The Times & JA Stats only)

Their mission is to improve the lives of homeless children and their families. They depend largely on donations to make their programs function. Every donated good allows them to spend money on other ways of improving a child’s life.

Currently their list of dire needs includes:

Paint (watercolor, school paint, and finger paint, all in larger sizes), paintbrushes, paint daubers and large sized crayons and markers

Craft supplies (glitter, craft sticks, pompoms, colored pipe cleaners, feathers, buttons, gallon and regular size glue bottles, Crayola Model Magic Clay, Play-Doh and rolling pins, cookie cutters, stencils, wiggle eyes )

Paper (easel, finger paint, construction, shiny, tissue paper, contact paper, poster board, butcher roll paper , preschool lined)

Large rolls of paper and paper rack

Stickers, Magnetic letters and shapes

Felt board and story pieces

Child safe scissors – round edge, plastic

Tape: masking tape, colored tape, scotch tape

Ballpoint pens

Infant toys


Cars and trucks (large enough to not be choking hazard)

Musical Instruments

Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head and Accessories

If you can’t bring something, we will also be selling nametags for $1.00 each. All the proceeds will go to Horizons of Homeless Children.

More info always at http://www.crawlinboston.com

Thanks and look forward to seeing you at the crawl -J

12 Bars of Christmas – 12/13/08

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Save the Date!

The 12 Bars of Christmas will be coming back on Saturday December 13th. Hope to see you there.