Burnin’ by Ray pop up

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We certainly know how to party of Crawl in Boston, but we also believe in moderation, so we also do some healthy things too!  We recently went to the Burnin’ by Ray popup in the Seaport.  The classes are a mix of  weights and motor-less cardio.  You switch between stations and do 40 seconds of cardio, 20 seconds of rest (or really, to get to the weights) and 40 seconds of a weight exercise.  You do each of these stations four times before moving to the next cardio machine/move, for twelve rounds. You can go at your own pace, but the instructors are there to motivate you and help with your form on the weighted moves.  In the popup, they have treadmills, air bikes, and ski machines for cardio, but the original location in Belmont has lots of different kinds of machines.

They are offering four free classes at the popup, ahead of the actual studio space opening in August. The pop up space is a little bare bones for now, but it’s still a great way to try out the workout. We recommend checking it out!





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