Coming soon, Moonlight Masquerade Ball and Pirate Crawl

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We hope that you had an excellent weekend. Cinco de Mayo and Kentucky Derby Parties kept us very busy.

Some of our upcoming events

May 20th – Moonlight Masquerade Ball! Remember the days of Spring Formals and High School dances? Well, they’re back! For one magical night ditch the cocktail dresses and button-ups! Dust off your dresses and tuxes and slip on your dancing shoes! We’ve rented out the top floor of Brandy Pete’s in Downtown, Boston to deliver you a night you’ll never forget.

What happens when you mix a Bar Crawl, a Party Cruise and Pirates?

You get the Crawl In Boston Pirate Crawl…YEAR 9!!!!!!!

On Saturday June 3rd, we’ll be bringing you the 9th edition of the finest themed bar crawls that Boston has to offer. It’s time to kick off the summer with the return of the Pirate Crawl. We are so excited.

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