Potter Pub Pillage Koozies, Amazon Prime Boston

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I'm a Catch

The koozies have arrived for the Potter Pub Pillage next month. We still have over a month to go but we’ll sell out of spots way before then. Please don’t wait too long to register.

Grab your robes, brush up on your spells, and apparate over to Faneuil Hall and join Crawl in Boston as we present the Potter Pub Pillage bar crawl, where we solemnly swear we are up to no good. Dressing up as your favorite witch or wizard is highly encouraged as we crawl and celebrate all things Harry.

Your ticket will get you entry into the bars, a $3 or less drink special, photo booth, light up wand, koozie and drawstring back pack. Don’t miss out. Accio beer!



So happy to see that Amazon Prime now offers 1 and 2 hour deliveries in Boston. We did our first test on this service yesterday and it was amazing. I’m going to be using this service a lot in the future.

The Boston Globe had very good results using the service as well.

More stuff this weekend

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