Just about 1 Month to Go until the Pirate Crawl

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Just about 1 Month to Go. Pirate Crawl…YEAR 8!!!!!!!

On Saturday June 4th, we’ll be bringing you the 8th edition of the finest themed bar crawls that Boston has to offer. It’s time to kick off the summer with the return of the Pirate Crawl.

One of the stops will take us onto a boat for a scenic trip of the Boston Harbor.

After the party cruise, we’ll be navigating around Boston to the best bars the city has to offer.

Still not sure? A picture tells a thousand words and we’ve got hundreds of those.

2015 Pirate Crawl Pictures

2014 Pirate Crawl Pictures

2013 Pirate Crawl Pictures

2012 Pirate Crawl Pictures

2011 Pirate Crawl Pictures

2010 Pirate Crawl Pictures

2009 Pirate Crawl Pictures


Other of our upcoming events include

Adult Prom. Let’s run this back!

And Red, White and Brew comes back this July.

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