Snow Day?

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So….maybe we get out early…maybe

Our 2nd Harry Potter Trivia Night is now 50% sold. We’re giving away house ties. So far the stats are: 38% Gryffindor, 33% Ravenclaw, 25% Slythenrin, 4% Hufflepuff.

Get your tickets here.

Since it was so crowded, we had limited time with our photo booth. Next time we want to get more pictures. You can find posted photos here or if you like tagging they can also be found on Facebook.

Valentine Gras is February 13th. NEXT WEEKEND! Your ticket includes $3 or less drink at each bar, Crawl In Boston Scarf, Light Up LED Rose, Beverage Mitt, Wallet Ninja (18 in 1 Multitool), Beads, Candy Wristband, Temporary Tattoos, Koozie, Drawstring Backpack, 2 Photo Booths, Limbo Contest and No Covers at Scheduled Bars.

Get yours soon

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