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We’re introducing a new feature on the website. We’ll use the Monday Morning epcotHangover to review places we’ve gone to or things we’ve done when we’re NOT crawling. Restaurants, bars, tastings, event, we’ll cover them here.

Last week was vacation time for Crawl in Boston.  We headed south to go on the most Magical Bar Crawl on Earth! We’ve gone to Epcot’s World Showcase a few times now, and it’s always a blast.  We normally go in September when the kids go back to school and it’s less crowded, but scheduling conflicts pushed our trip back to January.  Read on for our overview and tips and tricks.

We started in China.  We went to a stand which has several different slushy drinks.  chinaWe went with the Tipsy Ducks in Love, which was a mix of coffee, black tea, milk, and bourbon.  Caffeine seemed like a good way to start the day, and bourbon never hurts either. This was reminiscent of a Starbucks frap, pretty solid.  We were able to sit and take in the scenery since this is not a beverage you can drink quickly.

After China, we hopped over to Germany.  Here you can get such fare as sausages, pretzels and other German delicacies.  You can also get shots of Jager, which we passed on.  They have several beers, and we went with the Oktoberfest, which is always a safe bet.

From there, we headed to Italy, which is one of my personal favorites.  It seems like italythere’s always a fun show going on there, and the square is fun to sit in and watch. We always get a wine sampler.  I assume they have other things somewhere in Italy, but we always get the wine flight.

After Italy is the good old USA.  This always seemed like kind of a cheat to me, since EVERYTHING ELSE is America, but it’s there in all its star spangled glory.  We went for a classic Sam Adams and listened to an a capella group sing some Disney hits (which was better than it sounds, but we were already several drinks in).

After the USA, we headed over to Japan.  This is a good place for sake.  Normally we get a plain sake, but we decided to try something different and get a green tea sake slushy.  It was very sweet, and I think next time we’ll go back to regular sake.  We did get to watch a delightful drum show though.

moroccoNext stop was Morocco.  Here we got a red sangria that was tasty, if not super traditional.  Morocco is a fun area to explore, with neat little stores, and if you look around, you can find a building that looks like a….member of male anatomy.  Just find it.  It makes a great picture.

From Morocco, we headed to France.  Here they have some spectacular drinks, such as the Grey Goose Citron frozen lemonade.  It’s delicious, and they serve it in a (plastic) martini glass, so you feel extra classy.

From there we hit merry old England, which is where things got aggressive. Once we englandhit England, we were greeted with $15 Johnnie Walker flights, and a Imperial Beer tasting for $11, which included 5 generous samples (Bass, Harp, Guinness, Strongbow, and Boddington’s).  These are served in a friendly little faux pub that is pretty delightful and fun.  On our first trip around the (Epcot) world, we made the mistake of starting with England, and it set a strong tone for the day, so now we start at the other end.  On this particular trip, Mexico and Norway had really long lines, leading us to start in China.

From England, you go to Canada.  Here you can get something called a “Torontopolitan”, which is basically a vodka and cranberry, and they have all the normal Canadian beers as well.  mexico

We headed back to Mexico.  There’s a really fun little margarita bar in the big restaurant building here which we were trying to get into.  It still had a line on our second try, so we settled for a margarita from a stand.  They had Patron, though, so it wasn’t too bad at all.  We normally get to the park earlier, and I recommend you try to do the same and get into the bar.

Finally, we hit up Norway.  There you can get shots of aquavit, but luckily we had norwayenough bearings at this point to know that would be a terrible idea.  We split a Carlsburg, (which I am not positive is actually Norwegian).

After our excursion came to a close, we decided to forgo the light show and hop a cab back to our hotel.  There’s a back entrance to Epcot which leads out to the Disney Boardwalk where we were able get a cab (please don’t drink and drive at Disney, or anywhere!).  We highly recommend giving the Epcot crawl a try if you find yourself in Orlando.

sunset epcot

Pro tip:  If you go, and don’t stay at a Disney hotel, be careful if you take an Uber to the park.  We thought most Uber drivers would know how to get to the theme parks, but ours didn’t and followed his GPS, which takes you to the administration offices for Epcot.  Tell you Uber driver to follow the purple signs, not the GPS. There are actually signs for and Uber drop off area.

Design1 copyCalling all Muggles!  Hogwarts is coming to Boston. Crawl in Boston has teamed up with The Blackstone to host an epic Harry Potter trivia night based on the books and movies.  Grab a team of 2 – 4 and prepare to drop some HP knowledge like your name is Hermione.  There will be prizes, giveaways, and of course, a little bit of magic. And Butter Beer!

More details here

Valentine Gras is February 13th. Your ticket includes $3 or less drink at each bar, Crawl In Boston Scarf, Light Up LED Rose, Beverage Mitt, Wallet Ninja (18 in 1 Multitool), Beads, Candy Wristband, Temporary Tattoos, Koozie, Drawstring Backpack, 2 Photo Booths, Limbo Contest and No Covers at Scheduled Bars.

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