MMHO: Wine Riot

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wine riot

We’re introducing a new feature on the website. We’ll use the Monday Morning Hangover to review places we’ve gone to or things we’ve done when we’re NOT crawling. Restaurants, bars, tastings, event, we’ll cover them here.

Wine Riot

Started by Morgan First and Tyler Balliet, Second Glass’ mission is to “help people discover new wines, remember what they drink and share that info with their friends by bringing wineries and wine drinkers together through technology and in-person events.”  One way they do this is by hosting Wine Riot, a huge wine event which brings together wineries from all over the world in an unpretentious and fun atmosphere.  It began in Boston and is now in 6 other cities.  They have it twice a year in Boston, with three sessions for each (one Friday, and Saturday afternoon and night).  With a DJ spinning tunes, and photo and temporary tattoo booths, Wine Riot is a fun way to try new wines. Friendly pourers are happy to tell you about the wines you’re trying in layman’s terms, and you’re able to choose what you want to try (although they encourage you to try things outside your comfort zone).   With their handy app for rating the wines you like, you can remember which was your favorite the next day.  A majority of the wines are easily available for purchase locally and many are very affordable.  Throughout the night, there are 20  minute optional Crash Courses, where you can learn about a particular kind of wine.  They also have a Bubbly Bar, which features all sorts of the sparkly stuff, with knowledgeable pourers explaining the differences between the different regions.  In short, if you like wine, you should not miss the next Wine Riot.

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