MMHO: Bostonia Public House

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photo 2We’re introducing a new feature on the website. We’ll use the Monday Morning Hangover to review places we’ve gone to or things we’ve done when we’re NOT crawling. Restaurants, bars, tastings, event, we’ll cover them here.

We at Crawl in Boston will always lament the departed Kitty O’Sheas, but we quite like its replacement, Bostonia Public House.  The bar is huge (having taken over both Kitty’s as well as the salon next door), and the place has a very nice, more upscale feel than most of the other bars in the Faneuil Hall/Financial District area.  The bartending program is strong and they have a nice beer selection.  Staff is friendly and the atmosphere is relaxed, making it a favorite hangout for after work drinks.  We particularly are fans of their lunch special prix fix menu.  For $18 you get a starter and a main, and for the area it’s an amazing deal.  Starter options include clam chowder, a pate plate, and a hummus plate.  Our favorites are the homemade potato chips served with French onion dip and photo 1the polenta fries, which are served with a delicious truffle aioli. There a variety of mains to choose from, including grilled salmon, chopped chicken salad, and aggressively large and tasty pulled pork, and two different salads.  The star of the mains is definitely the lobster mac and cheese. We wondered if this would be a small portion due to the prix fix menu, and we were pleasantly surprised to receive large bowl of cheesy, lobstery goodness. They don’t skimp on the crustacean, there was ample lobster meat in each serving. Lobster mac and cheese is usually $18 or more any place you go, so it’s an especially good deal to get it here with a starter included. They also serve some amazing desserts, like the Bostonia creme pie, and we particularly like the sweet potato donuts with a bourbon glaze.  They don’t skimp on the donut portion, so you might want to split with a friend!  Served piping hot and decadent, they’re a perfect end to a good mail.  They have live music many days, including during Sunday brunch, which also includes a bloody mary bar.  Check out Bostonia for good drinks, great food, and a stellar lunch deal (but pour one out for our girl Kitty O’Sheas).  

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