MMHO: Yamato II

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We’re introducing a new feature on the website.  We’ll use the Monday Morning Hangover to  review places we’ve gone or thingsy2 we’ve done when we’re NOT crawling.  Restaurants, bars, tastings, events, we’ll cover them here.

All you can eat sushi has come to Back Bay.  Yamato II (the original is in Brookline) has opened in the former Vlora space on Boylston, right near the Copley T stop.  The space is well lit and cheerful with a mostly friendly staff.  The menu is varied, and you can order a la carte, but the main event is the AYCE.  Sunday to Thursday lunch is $17.50 and dinner is $25.00 (add a dollar for Friday and Saturday).  The AYCE portion includes the whole menu:  appetizers, rice, noodles, etc.  We didn’t want to fill up on those, so we only sampled the crab Rangoon, which were good but pretty standard.  On the sushi menu, you can choose sushi, sashimi, or rolls.  Tuna and Salmon sashimi are only available during dinner, and specialty rolls are a dollar extra. There is a two hour limit, and if you  have any leftovers, you’re charged double, so you don’t want to over order.  y1However, you can order multiple times, so you can go conservative and order more if you’re still hungry. Our server brought us fresh ordering sheets with our first platter of rolls, so we had time to contemplate.  We started with tuna sashimi and octopus sushi, followed by a selection of makimono.  They were all fresh and tasted quite good.  The Crazy Maki, with shrimp tempura, was especially tasty.  We got the New Spicy Scallop roll (from the special menu), and it was one of the best rolls we had, and worth the dollar upcharge.  We ordered another round of sashimi and one more roll, and then threw in the towel, much to the dismay of our server—it seemed like she thought we were giving up.  Overall, Yamato II is a fun atmosphere and a good choice for a different night out in Back Bay.

The Halloween Crawl tickets are going strong. Ticket includes Drink specials at each bar, Beverage Mitt, Selfie Stick, Koozie, Drawstring Backpack, Photo booth, Candy and no covers at scheduled bars.

There are other Halloween themed bar crawls. Make sure you get your tickets via Eventbrite from Crawl In Boston. You won’t get the same goodies with the other events.

Some local places to pick up a costume include Dorothy’s Boutique, New Millennium Costumes, Party City and The Garment District. Just don’t wait until the last minute. You’ll probably be waiting in line.

Have a great week -C.I.B.

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