Sunday Funday and koozie giveaways

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Good times yesterday. Spent the day at the zoo sampling beers. Then ended up in Back Bay getting a round of shots from Kevin from “The Office”

Today it’s looking like a visit to BHP and some koozie giveaways around 3:30

Under 2 weeks to go. Around 15 regular tickets lefts for the Neon Light, Bright and Tight Bar Crawl on August 29th.

Ticket includes $3 drink option at each bar, Koozie, Sunglasses, Light Up Foam Baton, Light Up Bubble Blaster, Neon Mustache Chain, Musical Chairs Contest, Limbo Contest and Photo Booth

Check out the 2014 Pictures Here

Check out the 2013 Pictures Here

And we’ve even started a Pinterest page to inspire you with tons of ideas.

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