The Dress Debate

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You’ve probably seen this at some point recently. 15 - 1

What color is this dress?

The staff at Crawl In Boston is very much divided on the subject. When I first saw the dress (before I knew what was going on) I said “Sky Blue and Gold”

And for the life of me I can’t see black at all

Due to a significant rent increase, Forum will unfortunately be closing this weekend. I’m making my plans to visit tonight or tomorrow.

The Wild West Crawl is on March 28th. 1 month from tomorrow!

Our friends at S3 Boston are throwing a St. Patrick’s themed crawl, Green Eggs and Hammered, on March 14th. Please check out those details here.

The Pirate Crawl is on June 6th. Tickets for that are now on sale. This year everyone gets a flag!

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