Under 40 tickets to go

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Last night when I got home, I somehow found myself watching the tail end of the Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever moviegrumpy since it was blowing up on Twitter. And it certainly the #worstchristmasever was accurate. However I can’t help whether I’d watch it from the beginning if it came on again and had nothing to do.

December is tomorrow!

We’re under 40 tickets to go. I imagine we’ll sell it within the next couple of days. We’ll set up a wait list as well. But don’t wait too long. We only have so many giveaways.

Click below to see some pictures from the past few of years of this fantastic event.

2010 , 2011, 2012 and 2013

Check out many more details here. This event will sell out soon.

If you attend every one of our 12 bars. You’re also get a bonus t-shirt with our All 12 promo.

Looking forward to welcoming all the members to the new club.

We created a Holiday Gift List. Check it out.

I got really excited while working on our Pinterest page for 12 Bars of X-Mas. I forgot how many awesome outfit options were available. If you’re still looking for inspiration check it out. We have over 200 pins.

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