Margarita Monday – Avocado

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Drinko de Mayo is our next official crawl. So I’ve got margaritas on my mind.

I took a try at making an avocado margarita. What could go wrong with a mix of tequila and omega-3 fatty acids?

Below is the recipe I used to make around 4 drinksavocado 1

– 2 cups crushed ice
– 6 oz. tequila
– 4 avocados, peeled, sliced, and pitted
– 2 oz. triple sec
– 5 oz. lime juice
– salt on your glass (optional)

It came out pretty well. I used way more avacodo than the original recipe called for so it was nice and thick.

avocado 2

Alpha In Boston is our alphabet based happy hour / bar crawl. More info here on that.  Next up is Forum this Wednesday.

The Pirate Crawl takes place on 6/14/13. Tickets for this are also on sale now. We still have a ways to go but have already sold over 50%.




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    […] Drinko de Mayo coming up, we’re working on margaritas at home. Last week we tried an avocado one. This week we’re going with […]

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