Mardi Crawl Registration Info

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We can’t wait to see you on Saturday for the Mardi Crawl. We’re down to our last handful of tickets. We were just mentioned today on

We have a few points of order to help make the day as smooth as possible:

Registration opens at 12:00 sharp and ends at 3:00.

You will need to bring either a printed Eventbrite ticket or show the app on your phone. If you don’t have a paper ticket or the phone app, you can use your ID to pick up your ticket.. Please be ready when you get to the top of the line. We’ll be checking in hundreds of you and nobody wants to be stuck behind the person who doesn’t have any of their stuff ready.

Registration will be

12:00 –  Kinsale – 2 Center Plaza

1:00 – Paddy O’s – 33 Union Street

1:45 – Hennessy’s – 25 Union Street

2:30 – Mija – 1 S Market Street

We will have about 20 total tickets available for day of sales for $25 which will include the $3 or less drink specials at all the bars, Beads, Feather Mask, Koozie and Photo Booth. SORRY. OUT OF HATS. These are on a first come, first serve basis. EXACT CHANGE ONLY. They can be purchased at either of the above scheduled registration bars.

Bar schedule:

You will receive the entire schedule when you register. We have 9 bars total. All the bars will be in the Faneuil Hall and Financial District areas. We are not releasing the schedule prior to the crawl to avoid crawl crashers (we’ve already seen the Facebook and Twitter posts). We want to keep this event as exclusive as possible for your own comfort. Please note, the bars have the right to refuse entry to anyone due to bar capacity or personal incapacity.


I know that bringing your card might be easy. But when tons of people are trying to order drinks, it takes a lot more time to open and close a tab than to pay with cash. Plus you’d be surprised about how many people forget to close their tabs at the end of the night and leave for home without their credit cards.

Remember to drink responsibly.mardigrashat

Please like us on Facebook

Follow us on Twitter @crawlinboston

And now on Instagram

#crawlinboston, #mardicrawl if you’re using social media on will be appreciated

Have a great time on Saturday!

Upcoming Events:

Our good friends over at the Irish Pub Challenge have their huge St. Patrick’s Crawl next weekend. Crawl In Boston will be representing Team Barney Fanning’s.

CcincoDrinko de Mayo on 3/1/13 – Early bird tickets are now on sale for just $12.00. Ticket includes $3 or less drink specials at all the bars, Sombrero, Sunglasses, Mustache Necklace, Koozie and Photo Booth.

Alpha In Boston is our alphabet based happy hour / bar crawl. More info here on that.

The Pirate Crawl takes place on 6/14/13. Tickets for this are also on sale now.

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