V-Day Crawl Postponement. Nemo wins this round.

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Thanks for your patience. We’ve received countless inquiries and I hope this will best answer all of your questions regarding the Valentine’s Crawl set for the 9th.

We’ve had to deal with winter storms in the past but this one really seems to be on another level. Your safety is of paramount concern to us. The bulk of the storm is supposed to hit on Friday night. But we have no idea how the roads and sidewalks will look on Saturday afternoon. And we all know that the MBTA can be less than stellar sometimes. We also wanted to make sure the bars would be fully staffed to serve you properly.

We’ve reached out to the bars and have decided to postpone the event until 2/16/13. Tickets available here

That said, I already have a hotel booked downtown for the weekend so I’ll be participating in the unofficial V-Day Crawl on Saturday. I’m not sure what will be open or exactly where I’ll be but it’ll be somewhere (twitter.com/crawlinboston)

We’re very much looking forward to seeing you on the 16th.


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