12 Bowls

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Last week I came across this article about the 12 best scorpion bowls in Boston via Boston Eater.

I thought it would be a nice challenge for 2013, perhaps one bowl per month. So per how most of how these drinking things go, I shared with a few people and it went from doing it over a year to doing it in one day. We had to change to schedule a bit to make sure we could hit 12 places but we’re planning on doing it to not only finish off 2012 but also to celebrates Cons birthday.

The best bowls had places all over. So I modified so we could do it all via MBTA.

So we did it. And it was an adventure for sure. Cons decided that a ranking system should be put in place so we did. Do I remember being at each place? YES. Do I remember how I got to each place? NO

The results are in…Shanghai is the winner, with Haru a close second!

12 Bowls

Golden Temple 1651 Beacon St, Brookline (Washington Square)

Chef Chow’s House 230 Harvard St, Brookline (Coolidge Corner)

Osaka 14 Green St, Brookline (Coolidge Corner)

Cactus Club 939 Boylston St, Back Bay (Hynes Convention Center)

Samurai Boston 827 Boylston St, Back Bay (Hynes, Copley, Prudential)

Haru 55 Huntington Ave, Back Bay (Prudential or Copley)

Red Lantern 39 Stanhope St, South End (Back Bay Station)

Shanghai Restaurant 232 Tremont St, Chinatown (Chinatown)

Chau Chow City 83 Essex St, Chinatown (Chinatown)

Empire Garden 690 Washington St, Chinatown (Chinatown)

Billy Tse’s 240 Commercial St, North End (Haymarket)

Hong Kong 65 Chatham St, Faneuil (Gov’t Center, Haymarket, State Street, Aquarium)

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