Running of the Bulls – Update

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Hello Crawlers! We’re excited to see you on Saturday at our first Running of the Bulls Crawl. As always, we’ll be collecting your $5 (or more!) donation. Exact change is always GREATLY appreciated and it keeps the line moving. If you haven’t already, take a minute to check out our charity’s webpage:

We will have staff set up at each scheduled bar at a table for registration.

We’ll be giving out wristbands, nametags as well as koozies (limited
to the first 400).

For the running of the bulls portion of the crawl, please see the map on the webpage for details.  Please be mindful of tourists wandering around Faneuil Hall, and please don’t hurt the “bulls”.

Our friends at Saus (located next to Paddy O’s) will be giving a 25% discount to all crawlers with a wristband during and after the crawl.  We will also be giving away some Saus gift cards throughout the crawl.

Please keep in mind that the bars may be crowded. We and the bars’
staff thank you in advance for your patience. Follow us on Facebook
and Twitter for the latest updates.

The final schedule is available here

Our, Putt In Boston, Mini Golf League began last night. However thanks to the Green Line a number of teams couldn’t make it. So we’re going to have them double up next week. So if you’re interested, you can still register and be part of our fall season.

Our next crawl event will be on 10/29. This will be our infamous Halloween Costume Crawl.  Stayed tuned for more details.

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