Happy Thanksgiving

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Turkey Day is upon us. Follow these simple steps to ensure you still fit into your desk next Monday.

1) Holiday Sweater – you’ve just put on 8 pounds in the last 35 minutes. Hide it while being festive.

2) Top Off – Grandma can’t keep tabs on how many Hottie Totties you’ve downed if you never let your cup get more than half empty.

3) Hide and Seek – Hide a couch cushion. When your cousins all scramble for valuable sofa real estate after the feast, you can arrive late and still get VIP seating.

4) Stretch – do a few toe touches prior to overeating. No, this won’t clear any stomach room but relatives will think twice before grabbing the last helping of turkey out from you.

5) Smile – You are surrounded by loving friends and family. You don’t have to buy presents, put on a costume, or hide eggs. Fully enjoy this holiday with people you love.

I am looking forward to seeing you soon at our upcoming events. 12 Bars of Christmas is December 4th, the Bocce and Mini Golf seasons begin January 12th and our biggest crawl of the year, Valentine’s, is on February 12th.

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