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Hello Crawlers!

The Halloween Crawl is a mere few hours away!  I hope you’ve gotten in all your last minute trips to iParty and will really wow us this year with your costumes.  I just have a few reminders/orders of business to ensure tomorrow goes smoothly and everyone has a fantastic time.

1.) You don’t need to show up to the first bar to join the crawl.  We may run out of koozies, but you’re welcome to join at any point during the event. We’ll have staff at all the scheduled bars. Can’t find us? Find someone with a nametag and they’ll point you in our direction.

2.) PLEASE come with the exact amount that you would like to give for your donation.  We know it may be a pain, but it really keeps things moving if we don’t have to find/make change.  If you haven’t, take a minute to look at the website for our charity, the Hattie B. Cooper Community Center, which is located locally in Roxbury.  100% of your donation goes to them.  As always, we thank our Crawlers for their extreme generosity!

3.) In the last week, the RSVPs on the Facebook have skyrocketed from 300 to over 1100.  We know that not everyone actually shows up that RSVPs, but we still expect a big crowd.  The bars know we’re coming and should be prepared, but we just want to remind everyone to have a good time and be kind to the bar staff and your fellow crawlers.   If we do get this number of people, the bars may fill up, so be patient and feel free to skip around on the schedule, the bars will all know to give the drink special.  You’ll definitely see crawlers all over Faneuil Hall.

4.) My whistle will be pretty ineffective, so for updates check out twitter.com/crawlinboston or Facebook.  We’ll be updating all day.

We could not be more excited for tomorrow!  See you there!



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