Koozie Contest

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C.I.B. Koozies

Today, we are having our first ever photo contest. For you Crawlers that have attended all four crawls featuring the koozie giveaways, you will have an edge. Three winners will receive a gift certificate to JA Stats located at 99 Broad Street in Boston.

The contest is easy, send a photo of you and the 4 koozies that were given out this year (Birthday Crawl, Pirate Crawl, Halloween Crawl and Christmas Crawl) to crawlinboston@gmail.com by midnight tomorrow, 12/13/09. We will choose the winners from the submissions at random.

If you don’t have all four koozies, you still may be in luck. If we don’t receive photos from three different people with the four koozie set, we will draw names from the people who send in pictures with three koozies.

Thanks and have a fantastic weekend -C.I.B.

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