Halloween Crawl is Today!

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We are just hours away from the 7th Annual Crawl In Boston Halloween Crawl (aka Costume Crawl). Hope your costume is ready to go!  Due to some scheduling conflicts with the bars (private parties, alumni groups, etc.), the route isn’t as direct as usual.  But, thankfully, it’s a beautiful, warm day, so let’s enjoy it while we can!  It’s warmer than it was for the Pirate Crawl in August! Don’t forget, the first bar is THE PLACE.

We have 400 koozies and plenty of nametags. We’ll have stations set up at each bar where you can get your goodies and make your optional $5 (or more!) donation to the Birthday Wishes charity.

2:30 – The Place – 2 Broad Street

3:30 – JA Stats – 99 Broad Street

4:30 – Red Sky – 18 North Street

5:30 – Trinity – 63 Chatham Street

6:30 – McFadden’s – 148 State Street

7:30 – Kitty O’Shea’s – 131 State Street

8:30 – Hong Kong – 65 Chatham Street

Looking forward to seeing you and your awesome costumes!

Cheers!  -C.I.B.


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