Birthday Bash Schedule – May 16th 2009

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2:00 – JA Stats – 99 Broad Street

First 50 arrivals receive free cupcakes and are entered into the Pin-the-Tail-on-the Donkey contest

3:00 – The Place – 2 Broad Street

Complimentary Buffet & Dance Contest – Winner will receive Dance Trophy


4:00 – McFadden’s – 148 State Street

Limbo Contest – Winner receives Medal

5:00 – Kitty O’Shea’s – 131 State Street

Complimentary Appetizer Platters

6:00 – Good Bar – 183 State Street

Best Birthday Suit Contest – Winner receives Pimp Cup

7:00 – Hong Kong – 65 Chatham Street

Scorpion Bowls

8:00 – Trinity – 61 Chatham  Street

Thanks for coming, get home safely

To RSVP via Facebook click here

For Twitter Updates click here
Here’s some good information to know:

* Supports the Jumpstart Charity (
* Optional donation to crawl with us – Crawl in Boston wants to provide you with as much fun as possible for as little as possible! – Crawlers are responsible for their own drinks.
* Designated drivers – Discounted parking from 75 State Street Garage ( $3.00 coupons will be available at The Place, McFadden’s, Kitty O’Shea’s and Hong Kong.


Who is Crawl in Boston?

Crawl in Boston is a social networking group that gives professionals a chance to meet new people in a casual and fun atmosphere. People of all ages have gathered to join the bar crawls, and we’ve raised money and goods for local charities. We also spread the word about other similar events we’ve heard about, as well as new places and bar/restaurant specials. We’re bringing people together, one drink at a time for local charities.

Who is Jumpstart?

Jumpstart is a national early education organization founded in 1993. Its yearlong literacy programs have served more than 75,000 preschool children, and its national awareness campaigns have reached millions. Jumpstart helps children succeed not just in school, but also in life. For more information, visit

What does this event cost?

We are asking for $5.00 to attend. Please keep in mind that proceeds of your optional donation will go towards the Jumpstart charity. Thanks to sponsors however, you will also be getting a bunch of other stuff including:

*Crawl in Boston Nametag
*Crawl in Boston Beverage Koozie
*Map of Crawl in Boston Route

How Do I Sign Up?

You don’t have to. We only ask you RSVP on the Facebook event ASAP. This gives us a better idea on how many people are coming. We can better arrange our schedule so the bars have enough staff to accommodate you all. Also helps let us know how many koozies and hats to order.

What’s the Schedule?

The schedule will be posted as the event gets closer. The finalized schedule will be printed on nametags and the route map. Schedule and details are subject to change without prior notice.

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