Pirate Scavenger Hunt

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This Saturday, there’s a pirate themed scavenger hunt around Boston called Midnight Madness. The event raises money for Best Buddies MA, which helps people with intellectual disabilities make friends and find jobs all over MA.

Each team gets a scavenger hunt list and then walks around the city, solving riddles and completing tasks to win points. The items on the list are really fun, like “duct tape your teammate to a wall,” or “stage a kung fu fight in a chinese food restaurant.”

The team with the most points wins the grand prize. At the end of the night, all the teams meet up at Tommy Doyle’s for drinks.

If you and your friends, old roommates, running buddies, coworkers, camp friends, kickball teammates, etc. are interested in signing up a team, check out www.themidnightmadness.com

I think it’s a $15 to register which includes your entrance into Tommy Doyle’s.

Check it out! www.themidnightmadness.com

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