Flipcup Tournament – 1/31/09

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Here are the details:

What: Flipcup tournament

When: Jan 31st, starting at 3pm

How do I sign up? Register for the Boston Flipcup Tournament on the website Better Off Bowling

How many people can I have? You need 8 people signed up. Your team can include 10 people, 2 of whom will be alternates. You MUST have your team signed up to compete.

Other details: Each team must have at least 3 girls

How much is it? It is free for anyone in the current bowling leagues, $10 for anyone not in the bowling leagues at the door (includes the kegs of beer).

How many spots are there? 32 team spots, once it’s filled, you’re done.

Can people show up the day of and join in? There will be flipcup to play, but unless a team drops out, only teams registered to play can get in on the tournament.

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